Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Still Alive!

With tax season in full swing and a very active toddler running around, I haven't had much time to even think about posting!

I don't know if two is some magical number, but it seems like since he turned two Punkin has all of a sudden decided to grow up and learn new things every day. He's diligently working on his letters and numbers, and he's also studying the fine works of "colors". The way he says purple slays me every time.

He's got a full vocabulary now and even though I can't understand him sometimes, he still looks me right in the eye and repeats himself while I say "uh-huh" and nod my head in approval at something I'm really not sure of. He repeats EVERYTHING so we've had to be really careful about our language...we've had a couple of slips and while hilarious, I do not want my child to start cursing on the regular.

We've been busy this past week getting things ready for baby girl's arrival. On Saturday we set up her room which included moving the changing table from Punkin's room to her room. I think he's starting to stress about the change a little. He was definitely confused on Saturday as to why there is another crib set up that he can't get in and jump on. He didn't like that we moved some of his stuffed animals that he doesn't play with in to her room, so I had to rescue a giraffe from the baby's crib for him to hold and snuggle and then promptly throw down. He just seems to want more attention and snuggles lately, and I'm pretty okay with that.

Sometimes when Austin and I are playing with him, or when we're cuddling on the couch watching "fishy" (that's Finding Nemo for those uneducated in toddler speak) I get a little sad that he's not going to be my only baby any more. I worry about giving him enough attention with having a newborn to nurse and change all day long. I know once she gets here I'll be able to figure out a balance, but for now I'm just trying to soak up as much one on one time with Punkin as possible.

I had a doctor appointment today and baby girl is already weighing in at over 4lbs. Punkin was 8.3 when he was born so I wasn't expecting a small baby or any thing. They said she'll probably be around the 8lb mark but I'll also be having her a week early due to a repeat c-section and girls tend to weigh less so we shall see. I've started getting her clothes together and I've got her bedding in the crib already (I couldn't wait!) so we're patiently waiting.

I only have 7 more weeks to go! Gulp!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Letter On Your Birthday

Dear Punkin,

Today, you are two.

It seems impossible that a whole two years ago, I was in the hospital with you. A whole two years ago, I choked up over the doctor telling me you had red hair when he pulled you out. A whole two years ago I heard your first cry, the first sound you ever made coming in to this confusing world, out of Momma’s safe womb. I looked at your Daddy then, wide-eyed in disbelief. Did we seriously just have a baby?

We did. From the moment I saw you, hair red and curly, I loved you. Really, from the moment I found out I was pregnant with you, I loved you. I was amazed from the beginning just how different this love was from any other kind I had experienced. Love of my family, my friends, my husband. Nothing was quite like the love I had for you before I even held you.

I love you with my whole heart. I love you unconditionally. I even love you (heck I even still like you!) when it’s 6:00 and I’m trying to make dinner and you’re tugging at my pants leg and whining about num num. When you pitch fits and throw things and pull my hair. I love you then, too.

I see your mind grow every day, and I love seeing you learn new things. Even something as simple as what an elephant says makes my heart expand with pride. When you learned how to jump with both feet off of the ground, I was certain you were the cleverest boy in the world. I watch you dance and I listen to you sing. I watch you roll around on the floor with Daddy and try desperately hard to make puppy understand that you just want to play, despite chasing her with the broom. And I know one day these things will be silly. I know one day you won’t want to dance and sing with Momma, or roll around on the floor with Daddy. So I hold on to these moments as much as I can. I hug you and kiss you even when you protest just because I know one day it won’t be fun to give Momma kisses. So I’m storing them for the day I get an eye-roll when I ask for a hug or kiss.

I hope I do a good job as your Momma. I hope I nurture your learning and help you to grow into a good man. I hope seeing what a good Daddy your Daddy is will help you be a good one in turn. I know you are going to be such a good big brother. You already give baby girl kisses on Momma’s belly, and when you say hi to everyone around you, you even say hi to your sister.

I hope this next year is filled with as much wonderment and learning and growing as this past year was. I’m very much looking forward to learning with you.



The loves of my life, on a fun filled birthday celebration at the zoo.