Friday, December 6, 2013

This Year

Is it just me, or does time go so much faster when you have kids?

I can't believe another year has come and gone. It doesn't seem like very long ago that we were celebrating Skeeter's first Christmas, and now we're creeping up to her second and Punkin's fourth!

This year Skeeter has learned to walk, talk, run, play and love her baby dolls. Punkin has learned how to argue and the pros and cons of having a little sister (pro: someone to play with, con: attention stealing demon baby).

Punkin is getting so much closer to four and I can't believe he's so big. He's like a little person now. Potty training is still a work in progress if you can believe it. He's super at going pee during the day and he's even pooping in the potty regularly now, we're just dealing with a couple of accidents here and there and he's no where near ready for night time training. Honestly, as long as he's pooping in the potty, I'm down.

Skeeter is learning new things every day. She loves taking care of her baby dolls. Feeding them and putting them to bed is her favorite game. She gives them hugs and kisses and gives them a bottle. It's so sweet. Don't get me wrong, she can show an attitude really quick if she feels the occasion calls for it. But overall, she's such a sweet baby and we can't get enough of her.

I like to think overall, this has been a year of growth. Austin and I have had some moments of realization about life and we've tried to grow from them. We've been helped immeasurably by friends and family, especially since one of our cars was totaled when Austin was hit by a drunk driver in October (he's fine, thank goodness). It shed a whole new light on thankfulness and a good lesson of not taking things for granted. I hope we can carry that with us when times of feeling sorry for ourselves pop up, as they tend to do.

I hope everyone's year was as good as mine, and I hope in the new year I can tend to this little blog more often, no matter how few people read it.

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